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Book recordings

Chapter 1 Slump
Chapter 2: Breakup
Chapter 3: Joint Venture
Chapter 4 Lemonade War: Partnership
Chapter 5 Lemonade War: Competition
Chapter 6 Lemonade War: Underselling
Chapter 7 Lemonade War: Location, Location, Location
Cahpter 8 Lemonade War: Going Global

The Lemonade War - One School One Book 2019

The Lemonade War
Cover of the book The Lemonade War
Family Reading Schedule

Join the Sombra staff for a One School, One Book celebration called "Know Your Smarts."  The event is Thursday February 28, 2019 from 5:30-7:30pm

Chapter 9 Lemonade War: Negotiations
Chapter 10 Lemonade War: Malicious Mischief
Chapter 11 Lemonade War: A Total Loss
Chapter 12 Lemonade War: Waiting Period
Chapter 13 Lemonade War: Crisis Management
Chapter 14 Lemonade War: Reconciliation