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Sebastian Romero


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Dear Parents,



I want to thank those of you that have signed up for ClassDojo. You will be able to see updates about how your child is doing behaviorally and even message me.  Some of you have already taken the opportunity to do that. I thank you and encourage you to send your questions to me. I am notified when I receive a message and of course because I am in the classroom with your children, I will only message during my breaks if I can. I will continue to check my messages and respond if I can for an hour after school lets out.


I use ClassDojo to monitor behavior and help encourage students to earn the points. I try and point out the positive behaviors and gloss over the negative if I can. The students know what will earn them points and lose points. If at the end of any day your student has negative points, I will communicate with you about what was going on and how we may be able to help with the behavior. Since I give multiple chances to earn points I feel that it should be very rare, if at all, that this happens.


Homework and Agendas

Monday through Thursday the students will have at least one sheet of Math or Language Arts that will be their homework. I do not give homework on the weekends, unless they have not finished work through the week. They are responsible to have the homework done when they come to class as well as their agenda signed or initialed.


If they do not understand the homework, some attempt should be made. If they do not understand it, we will go over it in class. If it is incomplete, it will either be worked on during recess, or sent home again as extra homework. In either case, they will lose a ClassDojo point for not having it completed.


Reading is to be done nightly. I will be checking books out from my class library and they have begun to check out books from the school Library. They are expected to read for 20 minutes each night for the first trimester and that increases by 5 minutes after each parent/teacher conference.



I already mentioned that I use ClassDojo to communicate, but I will also be using the school website. When you click on the Staff Contact Information tab there is a Classroom Teachers place to click. When you click on that you will find my name under 3rd Grade.  I will put up the class newsletters and other information as it comes. I will also use a blog to have the students post work and pictures.  That will be up shortly and I will send the information home and post it on my page on the school website:



Mr. Romero


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