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Our school counselor conducts bullying classes throughout the year. The Health and Wellness link on the APS website has information on bullying for parents, kids, and school staff. The APS school district will be following the New Mexico Department of Education statue. For more information please visit the PED(Public Education Department) Website. Every student at Sombra can complete a bully slip if they feel they are being bullied.

Difference between Acting Mean, Conflict and Bullying

  • Acting mean or grumpy – is about how a person feels on a particular day, not an everyday thing. Usually, it is not targeted at one person and there isn’t an intention to hurt anyone. They may get hurt, but it is usually not the intention.
  • Conflict - when one person has a disagreement with another person, over something they have done or said. (there is equal power/2 sided)
  • Bullying - is unfair, one-sided. It happens when someone keeps hurting, frightening, threatening, or leaving someone out on purpose.



Equal power – friends Imbalance of power – not friends
Happens occasionally Repeated negative actions
Accidental Purposeful
Not serious Serious –threat of physical, emotional or psychological harm/hurt
Equal emotional reaction Strong emotional reaction on part of the target
Not seeking power or attention Seeking power and control
Not trying to get something Trying to gain material things or power
Remorse-takes responsibility No remorse – blames others
Effort to solve the problem No effort to solve the problem