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Dress Code

Appropriate Dress

Parents should ensure that their child is appropriately dressed for the weather and the school learning environment. Students benefit from exercise and will be expected to participate in indoor and outdoor activities. If students do not dress according to the APS School Board approved dress code, parents will be requested to bring appropriate clothing. Students are NOT permitted to wear the following items:

  • Any identified gang logos and/or gang-related clothing styles or manner of dress, i.e. “sagging”.
  • Hats in any building or classroom (we encourage head coverings in cold weather for outdoor use only).
  • “Heelys” – please remove the wheels from any footwear before coming to school
  • “Muscle” and/or cropped tops revealing midriffs and spaghetti strapped tops.
  • Short shorts and short skirts.
  • Clothes w/ profanity, sexually inappropriate language/graphics, drug/alcohol/tobacco related symbols.
  • Facial make-up.